Terms of Use

In the interests of being completely open and honest about how we're developing and supporting Isomer, we are not going to put together an enormous EULA shrouded in legal jargon and fine print. We just ask that you to read and agree to the following terms before purchasing Isomer.

What is included when purchasing Isomer

When you purchase Isomer (irrespective whether it is during the early development alphafunding stage or otherwise when completed and released) you do so as-is at time of purchase. Any subsequent updates whether they be bugfixes or feature additions (or otherwise) should be considered a bonus enhancement and are not guaranteed. We work hard to ensure that releases are of the highest quality possible but there is always a risk that Isomer may be discontinued at any time.

Each purchase of Isomer comes with a unique serial key which is required at installation for online activation.

Please do not redistribute Isomer binaries, it is important from the prospective of maintaining a central updating system and for the integrity of the game that Isomer is only hosted on the Ionising Software website. Please do not take resources from Isomer (artwork, sounds or anything included in the game) and use it commercially or otherwise for any other projects or works.

Isomer serial keys

Each Isomer serial key is unique and identifies a single purchased copy of Isomer. The serial keys are not restricted in the number of times they may be used, however they may only be used by the purchaser of the game. Please do not share Isomer serial keys. Any serial keys found to be leaked or shared may be blacklisted. You may not resell serial keys but you can pass them on as gifts provided they have not already been used, this is important to prevent piracy.

Privacy Policy

Any information we may collect (and we don't actively seek to collect any) about you is held in the strictest confidence and will not be passed on or sold to any other parties.

Everything else

Anything you create (screenshots, videos in game), new sprite resources, sound effects, terrain definition files (prefabs) or tools remain your property and may be distributed freely - we even encourage the practice and may offer advice on the forum. Any suggestions, ideas or information released about the game should not be considered final unless it is specifically stated as such. If there's anything you are unsure about that has not been covered here or you have concerns about any points raised please don't hesitate to get in contact!

We reserve the right to modify and change this agreement at any time and without notice. Any changes can have immediate or retroactive effect.

Version 1.0
Last update: 28/08/13

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