Development Status

Isomer is currently in alpha development which means that while it is a full game, stable and playable, many elements are still under active development and improvement. Further alpha updates will build on and expand features that are already present.

This page gives an overview as to what is in the game and supported currently as well as what is going to be included in the next major update.

Current features

  • Realtime strategy, combat, world exploration and survival mechanics
  • Full precedural world generation of huge worlds including different biomes and resource types
  • Destructable terrain with realtime lighting calculation
  • Mine and loot resources from the world and enemy facilities
  • Build walls and facilities to heal and support your troops
  • Mutate your troops to gain specialist abilities and stats boosts
  • Troops gain experience from everything they do levelling up and gaining new abilities over time
  • Trade with passing supply ships for reinforcements and resources
  • Adaptive AI with each enemy able to sense to world around them and make their own decisions
  • Day and night cycle
  • Unit base and weapon combat stat modifiers

Changes coming in the next updates

The focus of the next update is combat mechanics, specifically expanding on the existing mechanics and adding new aim and rate of fire modifiers based on the combat stance of a unit (whether they're using aimed or snap shots for example) and enabling the player to choose what weapons their units are equipped with.
  • New enemy type (Squad leader) and AI additions
  • New craftable buildings and improved trade and economy
  • Minimap and fullscreen map mode
  • Smoke screens which can be used to mask units
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