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Isomer is an isometric realtime strategy game inspired by classic XCOM and other more recent sandbox style games. It's open ended, designed to be played in a variety of ways with world exploration, survival, crafting and strategy all blended together in a retro format.

Control an alien force hell-bent on conquest

Build up your forces by trading resources for reinforcements with passing resupply ships and mutate your troops into specialist units from scouts to warriors. Units gain experience and evolve over time.

Explore huge procedurally generated worlds

The worlds are procedurally generated, large and teeming with hostile forces, enemy bases, deep catacombs and life. Each play through is unique presenting different challenges and requiring different tactics with an enemy that responds to the way you play.

Attack and pillage enemy bases to hinder their resistence

On some worlds, extensive enemy facilities have sprung up and the inhabitants don't take too kindly to new arrivals attempting to poach resources from their backyard. Each base acts as a staging point for enemy forces with extra reinforcements beaming down periodically into them.

Defend against enemy attacks

How long can you survive? Enemy forces attack periodically in an attempt to destroy your dropship. If they break through your lines and destroy your powercore your time on this world is over!

Mine and scavenge for resources and loot

Mined resources can be used to build structures, traps or fortifications as well as exchanged periodically with passing transports for reinforcements and other goods.

Build and defend vast fortifactions

The entire world is made out of blocks that you can create and destroy allowing complete freedom to shape the world as you choose. Want to hunker underground and build a sprawling facility in the catacombs of the world or do you prefer to make large impregnable fortresses to protect your facilities?

Current features

  • Control an alien army hell bent on harvesting enemy worlds for their resources
  • Realtime strategy, combat, world exploration and survival mechanics
  • Adaptive AI which reacts and changes how the game plays depending on the choices of the player
  • Almost unlimited variations of worlds to explore and conquer, no two games are the same
  • Mine resources and build walls, buildings and fortifications to defend your ship from the angry inhabitants of the world
  • Mutate your units into specialist troops from engineers to the vicious warriors
  • Units gain new abilities and improve over time
  • Explore dangerous underground caverns and ravines for resources and loot
  • Attack and pillage human bases to hinder their war effort
  • Destructable terrain with realtime lighting calculation
  • Trade with passing supply ships for reinforcements and resources
  • ... much more to come!

Isomer around the web (and where to get updates)

  • Isomer is on IndieDB
  • We have a devlog on TIGSource forums
  • Regular progress updates will be posted on this site
  • You can follow our Twitter @IonisingSW
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